Goldthwait Reservation

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  • Margaret Bacon
  • Jay Beebe, III,
  • William Blake
  • Glenn Chalek
  • Christine Cudihy
  • Tom Hamond
  • Nancy Haskell
  • William Hatch
  • Bob Healey
  • Eamonn Healy
  • David Hutchison, M.D.
  • Charles Ives
  • Fiona Lubbock
  • Phil Norcross, Jr.
  • Maeve Rice
  • Gary Ritter
  • Douglas Schluter
  • Bill Sheridan
  • Jean Verbridge


  • Fiona Lubbock, President
  • Edward Principe, Vice-President
  • Geoffrey Lubbock, Treasurer
  • Jeanne Kleene, Secretary

Board of Directors

  • Suzanne Conway
  • Christine Cudihy
  • Jeffrey Doherty
  • Jeanne Kleene
  • Geoffrey Lubbock
  • Edward Principe
  • Bill Whalen

Who We Used To Be

To see past Goldthwait Officers, Trustees, and the 1947 Incorporators, see this file. And please help us fill in the blanks!

Web Contact

For questions or comments about the Goldthwait Reservation website, please contact Betsy Rickards.